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Store Hoggs 180123

On Wednesday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their fortnightly sale of 400 store hoggs.

A larger offering of store hoggs was forward with healthy, nicely fleshed sheep still in strong demand. The sale topped at £91 twice, firstly for a pen of three hoggs from Messrs N & BM Ireland, Newhouse Farm and secondly for a single hogg from Messrs DS & P Wells, Hallgarth.

Cheviot hoggs topped at £85 from Mr LW Taylor, Hill Top, with Mules topping at £80 from RM & AE Todd, Eden Park.

Leading Prices
Continental - £91 Newhouse Farm; £91 Hallgarth; £90, £61 Hill Top; £77, £65 Braithwaite Shields; £70 Middle Gill Farm; £66 Brigham Bank; £66 Yew Tree Farm; £61 Midtown Farm (Fisher); £60 Brougham Castle
Cheviot - £85 Hill Top; £79 Colstons; £63 Midtown Farm (Fisher)
Texel - £80, £68, £66 Eden Park
Mule - £80 Eden Park

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