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Christmas Dairy Sale - 09.12.22

On Friday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their December sale of 23 Dairy Cattle.
A conclusion to our Dairy Sales for 2022 with a very seasonal offering of both cows & heifers with the sale topping at £2700 twice. Firstly lot 15 from M/s Turnbull, Monks House, a 27 month old Holstien Frisian calved over 7 weeks giving 35L purchased by M/s T N Graves, Old Town. Secondly from the same home a very correct square heifer also giving 35L and calved 7 weeks being purchased by Mr J Stalker, Rattan Castle.

Messrs M Ridsdale & Son, Yew Tree Farm sold their usual consignment of well bred and great confirmation cows to average £2275 topping at £2300 with a third calver giving 30L selling to regular purchaser M/s M & K Palmer, Grange Farm.

Dairy Shorthorn heifers topped at £2047.50 / 1950gns from Messrs G A & D Dent, Winton House with lot 1 Oxton Zumba Clarissa 47 giving 20L selling to Mr N Teasdale, Kirkby Thore. All in all, all entries realised their full value and if not more in places.

Leading Prices
Dairy Heifers
Holstein: £2700 (2) Monks House; £2250 Winton House; £2250 Thackwood Farm; £2250 Williamsgill
Dairy Shorthorn: 1950g Winton House; 1700g Richmond Farm Cottage

Dairy Cows
Holstein: £2300, £2250 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale); £2000, £1900, £1500, £1450 Williamsgill

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