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Store Lambs - 07.12.22

On Wednesday Penrith & District Farmers Mart LLP held their fortnightly sale of 800 Store Lambs.

Another great show of lambs forward for the time of year with another great ringside of buyers ensuring all classes were well bid for. Topping today’s sale at £108 was a lovely Beltex lamb from M/s Mattinson, Green Farm. Closely followed at £106 for a strong Texel x lamb from M/s Trotter, High Greenrigg Farm. 65 lambs sold to £90 or more and with 197 lambs selling in excess of £80. Mules topped at £73 for a pen of 30 from M/s Todd, Eden Park. Many more lambs can be sold at our fortnightly sale. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our next sale will be held on Wednesday 21st December, please advise the mart office of entries.

Leading Prices
Continental - £108 Green Farm (Mattinson); £97, £96 (2), £92 Oaklands; £96, £90, £87 Nelson Farm; £92, £90, £89 Thrang Crag; £92, £88 Church Farm; £88 Moorfield; £88 Grange View
Texel - £106, £79 High Greenrigg Farm; £92, £86, £79 Newhouse Farm; £79 Little Town End
Cheviot - £74, £64 Nelson Farm; £63 Little Town End
Mule - £73, £68 Eden Park

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