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Prime Cattle 211122

On Monday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their fortnightly sale of Prime Cattle.

Clean cattle achieved 259.5ppk/£1660.80 from Mr D Raine, Old Parks, with this consignment averaging £1687.44.

Prime bulls achieved £1853.31/244.5ppk for a Limousin, weighing 758kg from Mr D Raine, Old Parks, purchased by R Pearson Wholesale Butcher.

Leading Prices

Prime Heifers p/kg
Limousin – 259.5, 249.5 Old Parks

Prime Heifers £/head
Limousin - £1714.07, £1660.80 Old Parks

Prime Bulls p/kg
Limousin – 246.5, 244.5 Old Parks
Charolais – 223.5 Sleddale Hall

Prime Bulls £/head
Limousin - £1853.31, £1774.80 Old Parks
Charolais - £1564.50 Sleddale Hall

Prime Bullocks p/kg
Highland – 141.5 Fellside Farm

Prime Bullocks £/head
Highland - £551.85, £505.05 Fellside Farm


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