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November Dairy sale 111122

On Friday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their November sale of 48 Dairy Cattle.

A very busy sale was witnessed, a full ringside of buyers was present for all classes with demand exceeding vendors expectations.

The sale topped at £2500 for a Holstein Friesian heifer, calved 3-weeks from Messrs Dent, Kaber Fold, purchased by S&R Farming, Berwick upon Tweed, this consignment averaged £2450.

A really genuine consignment of six Holstein Friesian cows averaged £2058.33 from Messrs WGL Soulsby & Sons, Williamsgill, topping at £2400 for a second calver, giving 32 litres, purchased by Messrs G & EA Harrison, Mount Clifton.

A British Friesian second calved cow, giving 30 litres, achieved £2400 from Mr DW Mallinson, Lodge Farm, purchased by Mr WH Brass, Low Row.

The Dairy Shorthorn section topped at £2205 (2100 gns) for Lot 7, Strickley Goldie 272 from Messrs Robinson, Strickley, calved 16 days and currently giving 23 litres, purchased by Messrs JT & J James, Roadhead.

In-calf heifers topped at £1780 for a British Friesian, due January using sexed Friesian, this was closely followed at £1700 for a 3rd calving cow, due early December, both from Messrs Strong, Low Brow, selling to Messrs Todhunter, Hesket Newmarket.

Leading Prices
Dairy Heifers
Holstein: £2500, £2400 Kaber Fold; £2400 Yanwath Woodhouse
Dairy Shorthorn: £2205, £2100, £1995 (2) Strickley; £2047.50 Church Farm

Dairy Cows
Holstein: £2400, £2150, £2000, £1950 (2), £1900 Williamsgill; £1650 Townhead Farm (Lowther); £1600 Yew Tree Farm
Friesian: £2400, £2100 Lodge Farm (Mallinson)
Dairy Shorthorn: £1344 Winton House

In-Calf Heifers
Friesian: £1780, £1700 Low Brow; £1300, £1200 (4), £1150 White Gate Farm
Holstein: £1750 Yew Tree Farm

In-Calf Cows
Friesian: £1700, £1580 Low Brow


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