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OTM Cattle 290822

On Monday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their fortnightly sale of 42 OTM Cattle.

There was plenty of demand in the cast cow ring although flesh was in short supply. The sale topped at 245.5ppk/£1653.02 for a young dairy-bred British Blue heifer from Messrs JB Holliday & son, Town Head Farm, purchased by Mr D Barker.

A consignment of dairy-bred British Blue cows topped at £1507.23 (217ppk) for a forty-month-old beast from Messrs Winter Bros, Clickham Farm, purchased by Jewitt Meat Company.

Stock bulls topped at £1789.20/157.5ppk for a 7-year-old Beef Shorthorn from Messrs P & J Bailey, Far Bank End, purchased by Mr D Barker.

A consignment of 8-year-old Blonde d’Aquitaine cross bullocks, none farm assured, averaged £1536.89/178.5ppk from Mr JA Ridley, Maiden Castle.

A young Black & White cow, straight out the parlour achieved 199.5ppk/£1191.02 from Messrs Walsh, Bunkers Hill, purchased by Mr L Fell. Older cows, out the parlour, topped at £1272.62/161.5ppk from Messrs Fisher, Yanwath Woodhouse.

Ayrshire cows topped at £181.5ppk/£1206.98 from Mr TW Fawcett, Little Blencowe Farm.

All-in-all demand remains strong, with vendors advised to sell before the autumn glut. Our next sale will be held on Monday 12th September.

Leading Prices

Cast Cows p/kg
British Blue – 245.5 Town Head Farm (Holliday); 229.5, 217.5 Clickham Farm; 176.5 Hawbank Farm
Limousin – 229.5, 181.5, 175.5, 167.5 Well House (Strong); 187.5, 169.5 Undercragg; 177.5 Crosby Lodge; 169.5, 168.5 Clea Mire; 165.5 Side Farm; 165.5 Nook Farm
Black & White – 199.5 Bunkers Hill; 182.5 Wickerslack; 177.5 The Ling (Donald); 165.5, 164.5 Ratten Castle; 161.5 Yanwath Woodhouse; 159.5 Catterlen Hall
Ayrshire – 181.5, 161.5 Little Blencowe Farm
Aberdeen Angus – 177.5 Bromley Green; 166.5 Nook Farm
Simmental – 171.5 Manor Farm (Pearson)
Beef Shorthorn – 148.5 Kitridding Farm

Cast Cows £/head
British Blue - £1653.03 Town Head Farm (Holliday); £1507.28, £1310.45 Clickham Farm; £1104.89 Hawbank Farm
Limousin - £1389.38, £1176.33 Undercragg; £1324.95, £1269.14, £1107.41 Well House (Strong); £1214.10 Crosby Lodge; £1172.76 Clea Mire; £1069.13, £1024.45 Side Farm
Black & White - £1272.62 Yanwath Woodhouse; £1231.34 Catterlen Hall; £1191.02 Bunkers Hill; £1141.95, £1065.96 Ratten Castle; £1058.50 Wickerslack; £1034.51 Low Moor Dyke
Ayrshire - £1206.98, £1169.26 Little Blencowe Farm
Simmental - £1147.34 Manor Farm (Pearson)
Aberdeen Angus - £1055.61 Nook Farm; £953.18 Bromley Green
Beef Shorthorn - £986.04 Kitridding Farm

Cast Bulls p/kg
Beef Shorthorn – 157.5 Far Bank End

Cast Bulls £/head
Beef Shorthorn – £1789.20 Far Bank End

Cast Bullocks p/kg
Blonde d’Aquitaine – 178.5 (2) Maiden Castle

Cast Bullocks £/head
Blonde d’Aquitaine – £1547.60, £1526.18 Maiden Castle

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