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Late Summer Dairy Show & Sale 190822

On Friday 19th August Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their Late Summer Show & Sale of Dairy Shorthorns & Dairy Cattle of other breeds, kindly sponsored by ATL Agricultural Technology Ltd & Tethra Veterinary Services.

This sale was the largest entry of dairy cattle seen here in Penrith Auction Mart for a very long time, the quality on offer was a credit to all vendors.

A superb, well-balanced Holstein Friesian heifer from the Errington Family, Sockbridge Hall, was awarded Champion honours in the Holstein Friesian show, giving 33ltrs she also achieved the top price on the day realising £2,900, purchased by the judge Mr T Pollock, Towngate, Ainstable. This consignment of excellent, well-turned-out heifers averaged £2318.17.

A consignment of fifteen second and third calved strong, hard-wearing cows, all sound of feet and regularly giving in excess of 30ltrs averaged £2,203 from Messrs M Ridsdale & Son, Yew Tree Farm. This consignment topped at £2,700 for a second calved Ayrshire, currently giving 32ltrs three weeks post calving, purchased by Messrs JK & BJ Birkett, Morecambe.

Champion honours in the Shorthorn section went to lot 6, Mossrigg Barrington Iris 12, a very modern, milky heifer from Messrs JM & J Fisher & Daughters, Holmewrangle, achieving £2,625, also purchased by Messrs JK & BJ Birkett.

Our next dairy sale will be held on Friday 11th of November, please advise all entries to the mart office no later than Monday 31st of October at 12 noon.

The judging of the Dairy Shorthorn classes was in the capable hands of Miss R Blenkharn, Northfield Farm Cottages, Lowick. She awarded the following: -

Shorthorn Show Results
Champion - J & J M Fisher & Daughters, Holme Wrangle (In milk Heifer)
Reserve Champion - D H Craig, New Park Farm (In Milk Cow)

Heifer in Milk
1st J & J M Fisher & Daughters, Holme Wrangle (Lot 6)
2nd G A & D W Dent, Winton House (Lot 5)
3rd D H Craig, New Park Farm (Lot 2)
4th J M Kelsall, Pewter House (Lot 8)

Cow in Milk
1st D H Craig, New Park Farm (Lot 1)

Maiden Heifer
1st B Lawson & Sons, North Cassingray (Lot 22)
2nd B Lawson & Sons, North Cassingray (Lot 24)
3rd A E Wilkes, Long Close Farm (Lot 19)
4th B Lawson & Sons, North Cassingray (Lot 26)

The judging of the Holstein Friesian classes was in the skilled hands of Mr T Pollock, Towngate Farm, Ainstable, who awarded the following: -

Holstein Friesian Show Results
Champion - Sockbridge Hall Farming with their first placed in-milk heifer
Reserve Champion - Turnbull Farming with their first placed in-milk cow (second calver)

Heifer in Milk
1st Sockbridge Hall Farming, Sockbridge Hall (Lot 48)
2nd RJ & FM Grierson, Musgrave Hall Farm (Lot 73)
3rd DR & HM Horsley, Woodhouse (Lot 85A)

Cow in Milk
1st Turnbull Farming, Monks House (Lot 61)
2nd PM & AM Ward & Sons, Aughton Hall Farm (Lot 78)
3rd PM & AM Ward & Sons, Aughton Hall Farm (Lot 77)

Leading Prices
Holstein: £2900, £2700, £2350, £2200 (2), £2150, £2050, £2000 Sockbridge Hall; £2450, £2400, £2250, £2200, £2050 Monks House; £2400, £2200, £2100, £2050, £2000 Musgrave Hall; £2200 Woodhouse (Horsley); £2050 Church Farm; £2000 Walton Lodge Farm; £1900 Holme Wrangle
Dairy Shorthorn: £2625 Holme Wrangle; £2415, £2310 Church Farm; £2310 Walton Lodge; £2100 New Park; £1680 Pewter House

Second Calvers
Ayrshire: £2700, £2200 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale)
Holstein: £2600, £2350 Monks House; £2600, £2450, £2350, £2250, £2200, £2100, £2000 (2) Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale); £1900 (2) Holme Wrangle
Jersey: £2500 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale)
Shorthorn: £2415 New Park

Third Calvers
Aberdeen Angus: £1500 Auchton Hall
Holstein: £2300, £2200 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale); £1700 Auchton Hall Farm

In-calf Heifers
Friesian: £1060, £1040, £1020 Low Brow
Dairy Shorthorn: £1890 Long Close Farm; £1743 Pewter House; £1575 Prospect Terrace; £1470 (2), £1365, £1230 Kaber Fold

Maiden Heifers
Dairy Shorthorn: £1050, £892.50, £798, £735 North Cassingray; £735, £714 Long Close Farm

Young Breeding Bull
Dairy Shorthorn: £1470 Richmond Farm Cottage

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