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Opening Sale of Store Lambs - 03.08.22

Penrith & District Farmers Mart LLP held their opening sale of 750 Store Lambs on Wednesday.

The first sale of the season went off to a flying start with numerous customers going home empty handed.

A show of mostly Mule X Lambs were forward averaging £80.26. Topping at £91 ahead, from Mr G Fisher, Midtown with a pen of Texel X Lambs purchased by Mr E Potter.

Some great Alston Moor Lambs were forward peaking at £80 ahead for a pen of 46, from Mr J Nattrass, Shield Hill Top, purchased by Mr W H Raine.

Leading Prices
Continental: £91, £81, £79 (2), £77 Lyvennet Fencing; £84 Thornhope; £83, £81 Home Farm; £81 Plumpton Foot; £79 Salkeld Road; £78, £70 South Brandon; £71 Muncaster Home Farms; £68 Plumpton Foot.
Suffolk Cross: £81 Lyvennet Fencing; £80 West View.
Texel: £90, £88 Muncaster Home Farms; £87 West View; £85, £80 Smithy Garth.
Mule: £80 Shield Hill Top; £79 Sanders Close; £72 Ulcatrow.

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