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Dairy Sale

On Friday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their special sale of 55 Dairy Cattle.

The dearest trade ever witnessed for dairy cattle at Penrith was seen today with numerous customers achieving returns of £600-£700 more than ever expected.

The sale topped at £3000 for a superbly turned out Fleckvieh cross Holstein heifer, giving 30 litres, from Messrs JM & J Fisher & Daughters, Holmwrangle, purchased by Mr HM Dent.

Dairy Shorthorn cattle were forward in fine order with this section averaging £2824.50, topping at 2950 Guineas (£3097) for Lot 5 Winbrook Pauline, giving 25.5 litres, from noted consignors Messrs GA & D Dent, Winton House, purchased by S & R Farming.

A consignment of six Holstein cows from Messrs M Ridsdale & Son, Yew Tree Farm, averaged a staggering £2391.66, topping at £2750 for a second calved Ayrshire cow, giving 34 litres, purchased by Messrs JK and BJ Birkett, Morecambe.

Messrs RJ and FM Grierson, Musgrave Hall, sold a consignment of five genuine Holstein heifers to average £2390, topping at £2600 twice, purchased by Messrs H Martin & Son.

Holstein heifers topped at £1620 for a prompt calver from Mr C Edmondson, Greening, purchased by Mr D Dalgleish, Bulls Head.

Leading Prices
Heifers In-milk
Dairy Shorthorn – 2950gns, 2900gns, 2780gns, 2600gns (2) Winton House; 2700gns Helbeck Farm; 2300gns Prospect Terrace
Fleckvieh - £3000 Holmwrangle
Holstein Friesian - £2600, £2450, £2400 Musgrave Hall

Cows In-milk
Ayrshire - £2750 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale)
Holstein Friesian - £2500, £2350, £2200 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale)
Brown Swiss – £2050 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale)

Stock Bull
Dairy Shorthorn – 1200gns Partridge Hill Farm

Bulling Heifers
Holstein Friesian - £860, £820, £810 Greengill Head

In-calf Heifers
Holstein Friesian - £1620, £1430, £1410, £1240 Greening; £1520 Plumpton Foot; £1320, £1220 Temsend Farm


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