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Breeding Sheep - 06.04.22

Our opening sale of Ewes and Lambs defiantly went off with fireworks with a ringside of buyers from all over the north of England achieving a trade away past most vendors expectations.

The sale topped at £190 per life from B Teasdale, Ousby with a outstanding Beltex X Texel 2 Shear Ewe with a Beltex X Lamb at foot selling to Mr N Fisher, Dufton House with the total consignment averaging £156.90 for 15 outfits.

Broken mouthed Texel X Mule Ewes with twin Texel lambs at foot sold to £80 ahead from Mr B Hogg, Cainbridge and Mr J D Hornsby, Howe Nook sold full mouth mule ewes with twin Suffolk lambs at foot to £72 ahead.

A pen of 17 Geld English Mule dry hoggs sold to £126 from Messrs Dent and Greenop, Crackenthorpe.

Our next sale will be held on Wednesday 20th April. Entries are recommended to the mart office for advertising purposes.

Leading Prices

Beltex Ewes and Lambs: £190, £180, £170, £165, £145 Ling Cottage.

Beltex Shearlings and Lambs: £180, £160 Ling Cottage.

Charollais Shearlings and Lambs: £175 Ling Cottage.

Continental Ewes and Lambs: £160, £145, £115, £82, £80 Town Head; £80 Cairnbridge Farm.

Mule Geld Hoggs: £126 Meadowing Farm.

Suffolk Ewes and Lambs: £108 (2) Ling Cottage.

Texel Ewes and Lambs: £87 The Faulds.

Mule Ewes and Lambs: £72, £68 Howe Nook; £64 Glebe Road; £64 Howe Nook; £63 Well House; £62 The Faulds.

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