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Prime Cattle 250422

On Monday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their fortnightly sale of Prime Cattle.

A larger show of prime stock was forward, with demand still remaining very strong. Prime bulls topped at £1865.60 for a heavy Charolais bull, weighing 831kg from Messrs Raine, Fog Close, selling to Mr M Helliwell. This consignment averaged £1807.50.

Clean heifers topped at 269.5p/kg (£1781.40) for a cracking Limousin heifer, weighing 661kg, from Mr D Raine, Old Parks, selling to Cocklakes Farm Shop, Penruddock.

Dairy bred Aberdeen Angus heifers topped at £1319.20 (219.5p/kg) from Messrs M Ridsdale & Son, Calthwaite.

Leading Prices
Clean Cattle p/kg
Limousin - 269.5 Old Parks; 267.5 (Bullock) Hardrigg Hall
British Blue - 237.5 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale)
Aberdeen Angus - 219.5 (2) Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale); 213.5 Midtown Farm (Strong)

Clean Cattle £/head
Limousin - £1781.40 Old Parks; £1492.65 (Bullock) Hardrigg Hall
British Blue - £1339.50 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale)
Aberdeen Angus - £1319.20, £1270.91 Yew Tree Farm (Ridsdale); £1251.11 Midtown Farm (Strong)

Prime Bulls p/kg
British Blue - 245.5 Fog Close
Charolais - 239.5, 224.5 Fog Close

Prime Bulls £/head
Charolais - £1865.60, £1779.49 Fog Close
British Blue - £1777.42 Fog Close

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