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OTM Cattle 310122

On Monday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their fortnightly sale of 35 OTM Cattle.

A small show of cast cows was forward to a packed ringside of buyers ensuring all classes were easy to sell.

The sale topped at £2125.04/238.5ppk for a ten-year-old Limousin cross British Blue cow from Messrs G & JE Bell, Far Broom, weighing 891kg, purchased by Mr Owain Llyr.

Black & Whites achieved some serious returns with Messrs MJ Dent, Catterlen Hall, selling a 31-month-old heifer, weighing 763kg to £1354.33/177.5ppk, purchased by Mr A Jarvis, this home also sold a ten-year-old Holstein to £1141.42/131.5ppk, purchased by Mr M Helliwell.

Messrs Fisher, Yanwath Woodhouse, sold an eight-year-old cow, straight out the parlour to £1108.38/136.5ppk, purchased by Mr L Fell.

Demand for cows was extremely strong with buyers very keen to purchase numbers of all classes.

Leading Prices

Cast Cows p/kg
Limousin – 238.5 Far Broom; 174.5, 143.5 Grove Farm; 162.5, 143.5, 137.5 Undercragg; 145.5 Friarbiggin; 142.5 Howe Green
Black & White – 177.5, 131.5 Catterlen Hall; 153.5, 123.5 Low Brow; 137.5 Grassknop Farm; 136.5 Yanwath Woodhouse; 126.5 Ratten Castle; 115.5, 110.5 Skirwith Abbey; 111.5 Balnamoon Farm
British Blue – 169.5 Town End Farm (Crocker)
Blonde d’Aquitaine – 148.5, 137.5 Cottage Farm
Simmental – 127.5 Dalvorich Cottage

Cast Cows £/head
Limousin - £2125.04 Far Broom; £1399.49, £1047.55 Grove Farm; £1348.75, £1104.13 Undercragg
Black & White - £1354.33, £1141.42 Catterlen Hall; £1108.38 Yanwath Woodhouse; £1008.21 Ratten Castle
British Blue - £1089.89 Town End Farm (Crocker)
Blonde d’Aquitaine - £1084.05, £954.25 Cottage Farm

Top price cast cow 310122.jpeg

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