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OTM Cattle 030122

OTM Cattle
Monday 3rd January 2022
On Monday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their fortnightly sale of 22 OTM Cattle.

A small offering was forward as expected for our bank holiday sale. Topping at 185.5ppk went to Messrs R & J M Ridley, Ranbeck with a young Limousin stock bull, weighing 864kgs, totalling £1602.72/185.5p selling to Mr M Helliwell.

Topping the cow section went to Mr D Raine, Old Parks, with a 15 year old, Limousin Cow weighing 842kgs totalling £1376.67 (163.5ppk) purchased by Mr D Barker.

Black and White Cows would see a 10ppk lift easily on our previous sale, topping at 131.5ppk with a 817kgs Holstein out the parlour totalling £1074.36 from Messrs Fisher, Yanwath Woodhouse, purchased by Mr M Helliwell.

Leading Prices

Cast Cows p/kg
Limousin – 163.5, 137.5 Old Parks; 147.5, 135.5 Park House Farm (Brown); 131.5 Crosby Lodge
Black & White – 131.5 Yanwath Woodhouse; 127.5 The Ling (Donald); 121.5, 114.5 Cliburn Hall; 113.5 (2) Wickerslack; 110.5 Blands Farm

Cast Cows £/head
Limousin - £1376.67, £998.25 Old Parks; £1024.38 Park House Farm (Brown)
Black & White - £1074.36 Yanwath Woodhouse; £956.21 Cliburn Hall; £883.58 The Ling (Doanld); £870.55, £864.87 Wickerslack

Cast Cows p/kg
Limousin – 185.5 Ranbeck

Cast Bull £/head
Limousin - £1602.72 Ranbeck

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