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Christmas Prime Cattle 061221

On Monday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their Christmas show and sale of Prime Cattle.

Judging was in the capable hands or Mr B Howard, who awarded the following: -

Any Breed Heifer
1st JJ Crichton, Loughrigg (Limousin)
2nd JJ Crichton, Loughrigg (Limousin)
3rd JM & MA Dawson, Brigg Farm House (Limousin)

Any Breed Bull
1st D Raine, Old Parks (Limousin)
2nd D Raine, Old Parks (Limousin)
3rd Messrs Pearson, Manor Farm (Simmental)

Champion and Reserve Champion Honours were both awarded to the first and second placed Limousin heifers from Mr J Crichton, Loughrigg.

A great show of young bulls was forward, which was good to see. This section topped at 255.5p/kg (£1584.10) for a Simmental X British Blue, weighing 620kg, purchased by R Pearson Wholesale. This consignment averaged £1669.30 (248p/kg.)

The first prize Limousin bull from Mr D Raine, Old Parks, realised 250p/kg, weighing 686kg, totalling £1715.00. this consignment averaged £1665.46 (246p/kg).

The Champion heifer from Loughrigg, weighed 624kg and sold for 300p/kg (£1872.00), purchased by regular supporters of the sale, Mr P Smith, on behalf of Cocklakes Farm Shop, Penruddock.

Our next sale will be held on Monday 20th December.

Leading Prices

Prime Heifers p/kg
Limousin - 300.0, 265.0 Loughrigg; 247.5 Brigg Farm House

Prime Heifers £/head
Limousin - £1872.00, £1698.65 Loughrigg

Prime Bulls p/kg
British Blue - 255.5 Manor Farm
Limousin - 250.0 (2), 237.5 Old Parks; 243.5, 232.5 Crindledyke
Simmental - 242.0 Manor Farm
Charolais - 231.5, 221.5 Fog Close

Prime Bulls £/head
Simmental - £1754.50 Manor Farm
Limousin - £1715.00, £1645.00, £1636.38 Old Parks; £1613.55, £1587.62 Crindledyke
Charolais - £1696.90, £1586.31 Fog Close
British Blue - £1584.10 Manor Farm

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