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Prime Cattle 081121

On Monday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP held their fortnightly sale of Prime Cattle.

A larger show of prime bulls was forward with weight being very good to sell. The sale topped at £1811.57/248.5ppk for a 19-month-old Limousin bull, weighing 729kg, from Mr D Raine, Old Parks, purchased by Mr M Helliwell, with this run averaging £1770.57/248.5ppk.

Clean cattle topped at £1629.75/265ppk for a Limousin heifer, weighing 615kg, from Messrs RW & G Dickinson, High Knipe, purchased by Cocklakes Farm Shop.

More prime cattle and young bulls are required for our next sale on Monday 22nd November.

Leading Prices

Prime Bulls p/kg
Limousin – 248.5 (2) Old Parks; 228.5, 221.5, 219.5 Fog Close
British Blue – 223.5 Manor Farm (Pearson)

Prime Bulls £/head
Limousin - £1811.57, £1729.56 Old Parks; £1534.67, £1530.57, £1494.39, £1405.65, £1400.41 Fog Close
British Blue – £1501.92 Manor Farm (Pearson)
Simmental – £1476.48 Manor Farm (Pearson)

Prime Heifers p/kg
Limousin – 265.0 High Knipe

Prime Heifers £/head
Limousin – £1629.75 High Knipe

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